Whether you’re planning for a whole-house lighting makeover or choosing lights for your newly constructed house, it is necessary to consider what light fixture will go with which room. After all, every light has a specific purpose and not all settings are perfect for every spot in your living space. The right lighting can make your home feel relaxed, comfortable and productive while setting a positive mood.

To optimize your home’s lighting, here’s a complete guide to help you choose the perfect lighting solution for each room in your house.

Living Room

The living room is one of the most important spots of the home. It is a reflection of your personal style as your guests visit your living room first, it is used for family get-together and entertainment. That’s why the lights for this room should be inviting and functional. Here are some options that you can consider.

• Chandeliers look great when installed at the centre of a living room. They spread light evenly and add to the beauty of existing home décor. They create visual interest in the room that impresses guests and enhance the elegance of your living space.

• Floor lamps are excellent to illuminate specific spots in your living room. Apart from beautifying the corners, these light fixtures can be used to create a cozy atmosphere for the family to relax and engage in conversations.

• Recessed lights are suitable for illuminating just a specific part of the living room at a given point of time. For example, if you’re using the area near your bookshelf, then you can use the recessed lights right above the bookshelf, instead of illuminating the entire room.


A kitchen needs functional lighting because this spot of your home is where a number of activities take place. It is not only where your food is prepared, but also a gathering spot for your family members, especially children. That’s why using ambient and task lighting will be the best bet. Consider installing the following light fixtures in a kitchen.

• If you have a kitchen island, it is incomplete without pendant lights. They are perfect for providing task lighting for chopping vegetables, dressing salads and garnishing cuisines. Neither they’re overly bright nor overly dim, pendants provide just the right intensity of light to your kitchen island.

• Under cabinet fixtures are ideal for soft light required near the sink where you can wash dishes. This light setting can enhance the overall appeal of a kitchen.


A bedroom is a place to relax and unwind, so your bedroom lights should peaceful and calming, instead of being overly lit because bright light can disturb sleep. Gone are the days when lightings in false ceilings were preferred for bedrooms. Intimate light fixtures are currently trending. Here’s what you can include in your bedroom.

• Table lamps on bedside table will be your best bet if you like reading in bed before dropping off to sleep. It will be helpful in finding your cell phone, wallet or other belongings you have put on the table.

• Sconces are amazing options that provide soft lighting while adding to the beauty of the existing décor. Try installing a pair of sculptural wall-mounted sconces on each side of your bed to provide ample light and create visual interest.

Dining Room

Lighting solutions for a dining room should be focused on the dining table as it is the focal point. The light fixture should be able to provide flexibility and establish a relaxing atmosphere when entertaining and enjoying a meal. That’s why many homeowners opt for dimmers. You can go for the following options.

• Dining rooms are the perfect place to install chandeliers as they give an instant facelift to the room. Be it a classic chandelier or a modern one, they add visual interest without overdoing. Make sure the base of the fixture is at least 30 to 35 inches above the table surface to get proper light on the table.

• Recessed lights at the edges of the dining room walls brighten up the space when needed while complementing the chandelier or any other primary source of light that you have installed.

• Mini-pendant lights installed in a line or group over the dining table is an excellent way of giving the table and the accessories placed over it a centre stage. The cluster of lights hung at different heights will grab the attention and give you a well-lit table decorated with delicious food.


Many people overlook the importance of suitable lighting solutions for bathrooms. But the truth is choosing lights for a bathroom is crucial because it is the room where you bathe, shave, put your makeup on, check out your outfit before heading out and perform other similar daily tasks. That’s why the lighting should resemble daylight to increase the functionality of this spot. Let’s take a look at some suitable options.

• Ceiling-mounted fixtures are well-suited for bathrooms because they provide ample light to illuminate the whole room. It can be placed anywhere in the bathroom where light is needed the most, for example, over the sink.

• Track lights work wonderfully well near the vanity space as you can focus lights in the direction you want without creating overlapping shadows.

Home Office

Home office lighting plays affect your productivity and mood while working. Lack of proper light in your study room or home office can strain your eyes, cause headache and reduce your energy that can hamper your work. Here are a few lighting options to consider.

• Adjustable table lamps on your office desk will provide a well-defined light source so that you can get proper light when doing focus-intensive tasks such as signing documents and working on a computer.

• Recessed lights should be added to increase the functionality of your home office. Make sure that these fixtures come with diffusers to soften the harsh light and spread ambient light evenly.

When deciding the most suitable lighting solutions for a specific room, make it a point to find the perfect balance between functionality and aesthetics of that spot. Consider the purpose of the room, where light is needed the most and how it will affect the room décor. Use the above-mentioned guide to find out what type of light can be paired with which room and take your home’s lighting to the next level.