Warranty Policy

All products sold at Tubicen Lighting have a one-year LED technology and product structure warranty. This warranty will be voided if installation is not in accordance with recommended installation guide and local electrical safety standards (ESA-Canada), along with installation of non-recommended electrical accessory brands.

To make a warranty claim, you must contact a Tubicen Lighting Ltd. representative within 30 days of the failure. Please retain the failed product for inspection. A copy of your original receipt/invoice will be required. If, at the determination of the seller the product is deemed defective, the seller shall, at its own discretion, elect to satisfy the warranty through any of the following methods: refund the current replacement value, repair the existing product or replace the product in question.

This warranty will not apply to lost or damaged product caused by: mishandling; improper installation; improper power supply; power surges; used for purposes for which they are not designed or intended; alteration, abuse, misuse, negligence or accident; improper temperature, humidity or other environmental conditions; Lastly, this warranty does not cover scratches, abrasions, or deterioration due to the use of paints, solvents, chemicals or abrasive cleaning techniques.

This warranty excludes field labour, freight costs and service charges related to the repair or replacement of the product.

In the case of repair, replacement or refund, the warranty period shall continue as of the date of the original purchase.